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Antonio and Son Contracting

Antonio and Son Contracting

With years of experience in PA and beyond, you may have already seen our work without even realizing it.
Below is a selection of projects we are particularly proud of. Of course, every project is important to us, but we want to highlight, in particular, the diverse range of possibilities we can bring to your project.


Antonio and Son Contracting
660 East Grandview Blvd
Erie, PA 16504
Phone: 814 825-6097
Emergency: 814-881-7373
Fax: 814 825-7213



Masonry & Masonry Restoration 
--Brick, block, and stone 
--Brick and block replacement 
--Chemical cleaning
--Grafitti removal 
--Parge coating (smooth and textured)
--Exterior painting 
--Structure reinforcement 
Custom Stone Designs 
--Real or facade 
--Retaining walls 
Basement Waterproofing 

--Wall repair 
--Draintile installation 
--Waterproofing systems 
--Landscape grading and water diversion 
--Basement finishing 

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