Design Considerations

Published 04/16 2009 07:01AM

Updated 04/20 2009 12:37PM

 Design Considerations
Differences in appearance of hardwood result from different species of wood and the different ways they are sawn.  Thee species' natural color and the stain applied to the wood create a spectrum of color options.  Manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles and surface textures to meet individual needs and tastes, whether rustic, traditional, or contemporary.  A smooth hardwood surface imparts a sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary look; a hand-scraped option provides a more rustic, casual look.  Engineered hardwoods are designed to provide greater stability, particularly where moisture poses a problem for solid hardwood floors.

Why Hardwood?
PROS: appearance improves with age; long-lasting, great investment, can be refinished, plus, easy care and maintenane; ideal for allergy suffers.  Increases the value of your home. 

CONS: May scratch or dent.  Transition height to other floors may differ. 

Where can I use hardwood?
Hardwood are appropriate anywhere, with a few exceptions:

  • Solid or engineered hardwood are not recommended for a full bathroom due to exposure to moisture, but can be used in a half bath.
  • Engineered hardwood is the only type of hardwood recommended for below-grade installation.  Always check with your sales professional first. 

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