Different carpet types

Published 03/12 2009 04:44AM

Updated 04/14 2010 04:11PM

 Plush or Cut Pile:
Has loops trimmed off with yarn bundles standing straight up.  Repeated pre-shearing creates a luxurious appearance.  A great "whole house" carpet, medium durability. 

Popular varieties
Saxony plush: short densely packed tufts
Textured plush: decoratively versatile, textured surface helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
Velvet plush: lightly twisted cut-piles with a uniform color and luxurious appearance that's ideal for formal areas. 

 Frieze :  Carpet Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile carpet suited for high traffic areas. It has short fibers that tend to curl in different directions at the surface to hide footprints and vacuum marks.

 Berber Loop Pile:
High level loop with complete yarn loops that stand upright, creates a nubby, rugged texture that looks natural and handcrafted.  Tight loop texture helps hide foot and vacuum marks.  Uncut loops tend to wear better than cut-pile. 

 Berber Cut-Pile:
Newer Berber look with color and interest of traditional loop Berbers but the great plush feel of thick, cut-pile carpet.  Very versatile, ideal for casual rooms, kids rooms, etc.  Subtle color flecks help hide soil. 

 Cut-And-Loop Pile:
Combined cut and looped fibers provided a variety of surface textures or carved/sculptured effects for medium durability.  Multiple colors and levels hide dirt and footprints in formal or informal areas.  Also available in solid colors. 

 Commercial Loop:
Versatile styles in a durable, long-wearing surface pile engineered for high-traffic areas.  Captivating color choices and textured surfaces suitable for professional and practical installations. 

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