Published 09/27 2010 11:35AM

Updated 10/07 2010 09:02AM

In restaurants and social gatherings, conflicting sounds come from everywhere, making it difficult to keep up with what's going on.  Instead of asking others to repeat themselves, you may find yourself retreating into an isolated existence - one where silence isn't so golden.

For example, to determine whether a particular sound needs your attention, you need to know what it is and where it is coming from, as well as who is speaking and what is being said.  A pair of Duals communicate wirelessly with each other to function as a "sound compass", working to preserve the location and and direction of sounds.  So not only will you be able to direct your attention to what is being said, you can also improve your understanding. 

Leave behind the challenges of using the telephone.

Dual makes it possible to have a normal telephone conversation without the feedback or squealing that can ruin a productive discussion.  that includes both land lines and cellular phones.  With Dual, you'll feel more relaxed when you're speaking, and more confident that you won't miss a single detail.

Enjoy watching television with family and friends again. 

Dual enables you to view and understand television audio at a volume level that works for you, from anywhere in the room without disturbing others.  So rather than retreating to another room to watch shows on your own, tuning into your favorite programs can be a group activity.  From staying on top of the latest news, to sharing a laugh as you watch comedy, to humming along with the melody and lyrics of a song, Dual lets you participate in the viewing experience by hearing what everyone else hears with greater ease and comfort. 

Dual redefines comfort, style and ease of use.

Dual's lightweight, slim design is cosmetically appealing and hides discreetly behind the ear.  Dual comes in an array of fashionable colors to match your hair or skin tone or even your personality.

Unlike previous hearing instruments, micro-miniaturization and digital electronics eliminate the need for cumbersome controls that can distract you from a satisfying hearing experience.  With Dual, simply wear it and forget it.

Dual Connect comes in three different price points.  Talk to your hearing care professional to find out which one is right for your specific needs.   

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