Published 10/05 2010 12:11PM

Updated 10/13 2010 05:07PM

At Oticon, we developed Epoq for those who choose to move ahead and stay included as a "complete" person - to confidently engage in conversations, to accept challenges, to feel good about yourself and the contributions you make. 

Epoq will navigate you over life's ever-changing soundscape, guiding you along the journey to better hearing with dramatic new standards in sound quality. 

Hear more sounds, more naturally.

Epoq is the first binaural hearing system where two devices work together seamlessly to let you experience the crearest and most natural hearing possible in any listening situation.  By coordinating the processing of different sounds as they enter your ears, your relationship with the listening environment will be more realistic, comfortable and in greater fiedlity. 

With its "open fit" design, Epoq keeps your ear canals open to sound rather than closing them off.  This helps eliminate the "plugged up" feeling, as well as annoying feedback and whistling.  Epoq users describe the sound quality as clean and bright, providing a refreshing sense of relief and relaxation. 

Leave behind the challenges of using the telephone.

Epoq makes it possible to have a normal telephone conversation without the feedback or squealing that can ruin a productive discussion.  That includes both land lines and cellular phones. 

No longer will you need to ask someone else to pre-scan incoming calls.  No longer will you refrain from talking to others because you struggle to hear or communicate with them.  No longer will you find it necessary to put on the speakerphone and turn the volume up.  With Epoq, you'll feel more relaxed when you're speaking, and more confident that you didn't miss a single detail. 

It feels good to get back where you belong.

Hearing is your connection to life around you.  It's not only about the way you listen, interpret and respond, it's also about your ability to absorb and make use of information available from a variety of sources.

On your journey away from hearing loss, Epoq will be a resource that helps you experience life with the clearest and most realistic hearing possible in any listening situation.  Thanks to true binaural sound technology, you can enjoy the natural fidelity of all voices and sounds, with the ability to locate where they originate from.  So not only will you be able to perceive what is being said, but you can also improve your understanding. 

You've never let obstacles get in the way of your personal goals.  Hearing loss should be no exception. 

Welcome to Epoq: Taking you farther ahead along the journey to better hearing. 

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