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Published 09/27 2010 02:14PM

Updated 01/17 2014 03:40PM

This is a common question we are often asked and is a great question to ask.  As consumers we are always researching the "best" of products and why should hearing aids be any different.  However for hearing aids there are many "best hearing aids" on the market and the best hearing aids are hearing aids that are chosen and fit accurately based on the individual.  When your unique hearing loss, specific listening needs, hearing goals and budget are considered, that is when you find the best hearing aids for you. 

Determining the best hearing aids for you begins with purchasing your hearing aids one-on-one from a qualified hearing care professional (an audiologist or hearing aid specialist).  Through a hearing aid evaluation, the hearing care professional will help you to determine what hearing aids (brand, style and features) are best for you, your individual needs and your budget.  There are usually several options available for each person to select from.

There are different levels of technology in hearing aids, and with those different levels come different features and options.  It can ofter be overwhelming to know which features and options to choose.  Purchasing hearing aids is very similar to making other consumer purchases.  You must look at your needs and what you desire from the product.  Let's use the analogy of purchasing a new car.  When purchasing a new car, the basic 2-door sedan may get you from here to there just fine; however if you need to transport a large family around, the basic 2-door sedan may not work as well as a minivan with extra seating, auto opening doors and a DVD player to entertain the children.  It is not necessarily that the minivan is "better" than the basic sedan - it simply serves different needs and purpose.

This analogy is very similar to hearing aids.  With each level of technology, there are different features and options that are included to serve different listening needs and purpose.  The best hearing aids for you are hearing aids that will serve your unique hearing loss and listening needs.  Thus when selecting hearing aids with your hearing care professional, it is very important to be specific with your listening needs, listening environments you want to improve and your hearing aid goals. 

Carolyn Smaka Au.D. Associate Editor, Healthy Hearing

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