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Ceramic and stone tiles are durable and easy to maintain making them the ideal surface coverings in showers and bathtubs. However, tiled showers have always been a considerable challenge to installers. The process of placing the mortar bed, sloping, curing, and laying the pan liner to the clamping ring in the sub-drain, and then seaming and fitting corners, was time consuming and labor intensive. The Schluter Kerdi System includes drains and bondable waterproof membranes developed to incorporate all of these steps into a bonded watertight assembly. The system is maintenance-free, dramatically reduces installation time, and eliminates the risk of water penetration, controlling moisture and mold growth.

So, if you need a non-curbed, easy-entry shower or a custom-tiled shower with a curb, the Schluter Kerdi System is the way to go for a complete watertight custom shower and bathing area.

Here are some things to remember:

- Recessed soap dishes and shower seats are easily incorporated into the Schluter Kerdi system.

- Non-curbed showers are easily handicap accessible.

- As with any shower system, professional installation is recommended.


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