Alternative Materials

Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, cork is a naturally moisture-resistant material.  A renewable and sustainable resource, cork answers the demand for conservation and use of 'green' materials.

Design Considerations
Cork warms and enriches any interior, blending well with other furnishings and decorations.  natural color variations create tonal designs ranging from yellow gold to nut brown.

Why Cork?
PROS:  Renewable and sustainable; resilient to pressure and impact; provides good insulation.  More accommodating to pets' claws than many other natural wood options.  Hypoallergenic, anti-static, absorbs noise, highly durable, naturally shock-absorbing.

CONS:  Color change can occur after prolonged exposure to light.

Where Can I Use Cork?
Cork can be widely applied in residential and commercial settings.  The glueless joint system of floating planks permits fast and efficient installation on any flat surface at all grade levels.

Bamboo is an extremely versatile, environmentally friendly flooring product that's increasing in popularity.  Amazingly durable and long-lasting, bamboo is a form of grass that's actually harder than hardwood.

Design Considerations
Stylishe and practical, bamboo is offered in a variety of looks depending on how it's manufactured.  Horizontal or vertical bamboo refers to the way the individual slats are laminated together.  The look varies considerable for each.  With horizontal, the pieces are arranged side-by-side then laminated flatwise; with vertical, the slats are laminated standing upright and on edge.  Bamboo is now available in a wider range of colors, from natural to darker tones.

Why Bamboo:
PROS:  Durable, long-lasting, east to clean, hypoallergenic - an excellent floor for healthy homes.

CONS:  Less moisture resistant than average engineered hardwood floors.

Where Can I Use Bamboo?
Can be installed over numerous types of subfloors in virtually any room.  Not recommended for wet locations such as bathrooms, washrooms, saunas, enclosed porches, or verandas. 

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