Downs Luxury Vinyl Tile & Planks

It’s no secret that vinyl flooring is a growing and popular trend in home design, and for good reason. Today’s vinyl flooring is manufactured with new technologies that allow manufacturers to create vinyl floors that are stronger, more durable for heavy traffic, and resistant to scratches and fading. To top it off, vinyl flooring can be created to resemble more expensive flooring styles, all while being extremely budget friendly.

Sheet vinyl is the most common vinyl flooring option, but the most popular vinyl flooring choice today is luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tile, like Downs® luxury vinyl, allows for replacement of damaged areas, and limitless design and pattern options. Luxury vinyl flooring is thicker than traditional vinyl, and can better obtain the look of stone, wood, and tile.

Luxury vinyl tile encompasses everything to love about traditional vinyl flooring, including the easy maintenance and durability, but allows for more creativity and flexibility when it comes to designs and patterns. Durable, affordable, and easy to replace, luxury vinyl tile is surely a great way to improve the look of virtually any room of your house.

Luxury vinyl tile is a great flooring choice, and quickly growing in popularity when it comes to flooring options. If you’re remodeling your home, consider visiting Flooring America and learning more about vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tile.

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