Today's laminate floors combine exceptionally realistic good looks and carefree maintenance.  It's an ideal flooring choice for active households.

Design Considerations
Laminate has been called 'the ultimate copycat.'  Its ultra-realistic designs bring an affordable, natural look to any room.  Laminate can mimic ceramic, hardwood, or stonework.  This multitalented flooring material also makes for visually pleasing area-to-area transitions. 

Why Laminate?
PROS:  Realistic designs, long-lasting, child/pet friendly, hypoallergenic, easy-clean, and highly resistant to dents, stains, scratches, and abrasions.

CONS:  Cannot be refinished; shorter life expectancy than natural products; sensitive to moisture.

Where Can I Use Laminate?
Laminate can be used in any room of the house.  Can be installed above or below grade and over virtually any flooring surface.  May not be recommended for bathrooms due to excessive moisture exposure.

Laminate is broken in to 4 levels of performance.  Click here to see our chart

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