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Published 09/01 2015 10:32AM

Updated 01/26 2016 09:25AM

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Welcome to Erie Alternative Health. was created to offer a place where you can learn about alternative health options in the Erie region.

People today are overworked, overstressed, and undernourished both physically and mentally.  With the rising cost of healthcare and growing awareness of alternative health practices, many are looking for alternative and holistic ways to keep healthy.

Please use the page to learn about local practitioners that offer spiritual, physical and whole body health experiences; including fitness, nutrition, herbal medicine, holistic counseling and more.

Peek @ the Practice

Compost teas have become a widely accepted agricultural practice in many areas of our country and show great promise in northwestern Pennsylvania.

By helping to rebuild and strengthen the soil food web, clients can expect to see increased plant health and vigor, giving better results for their current growing regimen. Making plants more disease- and pest-resistant, healthy living soils also improve the soil’s structure, revitalizes troubled areas, and improves both drainage and water retention.

Ag-Grow Teas are 100% safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Lawns and plantings will flourish like never before! This new product is kid and pet friendly immediately following applications, and great for play areas and trouble spots in the yard. Our commercial agriculture and turf management clients can expect to unlock the full potential of their existing fertilizer and pest control regimen.

For more information visit AG Grow Teas.


Everyone from beginners to advanced students are welcome here! We offer hatha, flow, power, yin & restorative classes focused on flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Whether you are trying a yoga class for the first time or recommitting to your current yoga practice, there is a class or workshop to meet your needs.

For more information visit Art of Yoga.


Jeffrey Kinnear is a licensed Oriental Medical Practitioner. He is certified nationally through NCCAOM as well licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. He has been practicing in northwestern Pennsylvania since 2008 and is owner of the practice.

As an Oriental Medical Practitioner he is licensed for acupuncture, moxibustion, diathermy, Tui Na, cupping, and herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle consultation. He is also a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and is able to mentor.

For more information visit Erie Oriental Medicine.


The Juice Jar is beginning a community wide revolution to change the way we eat, drink and live.

Offering whole foods with real ingredients supplied by our local farmers, fresh cold-pressed juices full of nutrients, and our specialized brew of Kombucha Tea and Kombucha Coffee.

Grab n Go or stay and visit with friends, or shop for sustainable solutions featuring Re-using and Re-purposing. Take a nutrition class, have a health coaching session or learn how to make your own laundry detergent with no harmful chemicals. Join The Juice Jar Revolution and transform your life!

For more information visit The Juice Jar.


Liz and George Farms has been an all natural family owned farm since 1921. We originally started out with red raspberries. My grandmother would sell them all day at the end of the driveway and what was left at the end of the day would be picked up by a truck headed to Pittsburgh.

Now things have changed quite a bit. We raise all naturally every kind of animal you can think of and you can order whatever quantity of meat you desire. We also have a large selection of fruits and vegetables during the summer and fall growing seasons. We use no hormones, steroids, or chemicals of any kind in either our meats or produce. All corn is non-GMO as well. Questions, feel free to give us a call at 814-392-0992.

Farm fresh eggs, maple syrup, Amish can goods and amish butter.  Fill your freezer for fall and winter with natural beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Taking orders now!

For more information visit Liz and George Farms.


With over 16 years of massage experience, each of the therapists at Professional Massage Therapy and Reflexology are licensed therapists in the state of Pennsylvania.

We offer a variety of techniques to promote relaxation and comfort as well as decrease pain, stress and tension. Recurring Massage Therapy has many positive attributes associated with it including reduction of chronic pain.

For more information visit Professional Massage and Reflexology.


Achieve a healthier 'you' with nutrition expert Helen Agresti.

Helen's Personal Nutrition Coaching is tailored to your weight loss or disease specific needs. Receiving accurate information from a registered dietitian like Helen can help you prevent chronic disease, heal and manage health problems, and provide you with more sustainable energy throughout the day.

Say goodbye to fad diets. Contact Helen Agresti today and Eat Right for Life!”
*All Major Health Insurance accepted.

For more information visit Professional Nutrition Counsulting.


Jason Cardinali D.C.,  M.S., C.N.S., L.D.N., C.S.C.S. is an  experienced chiropractor,  nutritionist, and personal  trainer with a proven track record of weight loss, pain reduction, and other functional goals. 

Dr. Cardinali takes a multi-factorial approach to his personal training and patient care for expedited results.  Services offered include, Chiropractic techniques for the whole family, including pregnancy and pediatric care; soft tissue therapies, nutrition consulting and functional training.

Please contact our office for questions or to request an appointment.

For more information visit ProActive Chiropractic.


Leslie Alexander, PhD, RH(AHG) is a practicing professional herbalist and is based in Erie, Pennsylvania. She offers individual holistic health & wellness consultations.

Currently Leslie divides her time between clinical practice, and her work as an educator, working with students and professionals, offering lectures and workshop opportunities for continuing education. Leslie is also co-author of Dental Herbalism: Natural Therapies for the Mouth and a member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and the American Botanical Council.

If you'd like to discuss arranging a consultation, presentations, classes or studying medicinal herbs, please visit Restoration Herbs.


QiGong and Tai Chi are based on the highest principles of the Tao.

Through daily QiGong / Tai Chi practice, we can become as children again, without stiffness or tension. We can relearn how to move freely and naturally with the whole body connected, both structurally and energetically.

In this way, we mirror our connection to the larger whole, as part of the universe. Visit our website for more information and class schedules.

For more information visit The Village of Healing and Wellness.


Vitality Natural Health and Wellness Center is the natural health practice of Dr. Melissa Dengler, licensed naturopathic doctor.

At Vitality Natural Health and Wellness Center we are dedicated to promoting health and wellness through enhancement of the mind, body, and spirit. We are committed to supporting the body’s inherent ability to heal using natural therapies to restore health. 

We are pleased to offer natural health care for the whole family by taking an individualized approach to health and taking quality time to get to know our patients and examine their lifestyles and habits.

Our services include naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, homeopathy, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, detoxification programs, lifestyle programs, infrared sauna packages and hydrotherapy. Naturopathic medicine is beneficial for many conditions ranging from acute conditions such as an ear infection or a cold to more chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Naturopathic doctors work to educate their patients on natural options from prevention of illness to healing acute and chronic disease.

For more information visit Vitality Natural Health and Wellness Center.


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