Today kicked off our joint partnership of the NOTXTNWPA.

    Tuesday morning, JET24 reporter, Elizabeth D'Aurora, joined a Pennsylvania State Trooper and an accident attorney to speak about the dangers of texting and driving.

    The NOTXTNWPA is a 12 month program where we speak to school students in Erie County about the dangers of distracted driving.

    Part of the program is a four minute video that shows a possible outcome of texting while driving.

    State trooper Robert Brown spoke about the law and how often he sees people texting behind the wheel.

    Eric Purchase, an accident lawyer in Erie, talked about the legal side if you're caught texting and driving.

    He says people who text and drive are 23 times more likely to be in an accident.

And at McDowell Intermediate High School, the drivers education teacher says that this program supplements what he teaches in his course.

"Eventually they're going to tune me out because they keep hearing the same messages from me so it's nice to have a fresh face come in and be able to talk to them about it and also have people that have dealt with this on a day to day basis that impacts them in their jobs," said Mark Soboleski, MIHS drivers education teacher.

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