Strength through consolidation

Strength Through Consolidation

          We're seeing it in the news and sensing that the debate over government spending will soon be building to a crescendo.  Experts predict that when all is said and done, we will see cuts of up to 20% in the "discretionary" things that we have been accustomed to seeing our various levels of government fund - education, transportation, arts and culture, environmental protection, anti-poverty work, and more.  In some cases, the loss of government funds may be made up by gains in private funding, but in many cases, organizations will have to economize in innovative ways to continue providing consistent levels of service.  Combining mission-compatible small agencies together into one organization is one way of achieving this goal.

In an age that requires economic efficiency and lean operations, Environment Erie has risen to the challenge. A new organization to the Erie region, Environment Erie was formed in January 2011 from two stellar organizations with a long history of stewardship to the natural resources of Erie. Earth Action and the Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed Association share a long history of environmental awareness and action and after many years of partnership and cooperation, they have united to pool resources in order to have a bigger impact in the Erie region.

          Environment Erie now serves as an area authority on environmental issues with three lines of programming: Education, Restoration and Revitalization. Providing workshops, after school programming, watershed restoration and storm water management, as well as many other services, Environment Erie is here to assist citizens in the Erie region in protecting our environment. For more information, please visit the website at

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