Target 24: Texting and Driving Part 1

Is a text message so important that it's worth risking a human life?

Governor Tom Corbett says absolutely not.

And that's why he introduced Senate Bill 314.

It's a ban on texting or emailing while behind the wheel.

The goal is to keep the roadways safe, reduce accidents and save lives.

When it comes to distracted driving, the statistics are alarming.

Last year in Pennsylvania alone 13,790 crashes were caused by distracted driving, and shooting off text messages while racing down the road is a big contributor to those statistics.

In the City of Erie, Police are charged with getting multitaskers off the road.

But officers say often their hands are tied because in the city texting and driving is a secondary offense, meaning it takes another moving violation to give them the chance to pile on the fines.

In the wake of Corbett's bill the scene is changing a bit.

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