Woman Drives Truck into Ambulance While Texting

December 4th, 2012

We continue to do our part in the fight against texting while driving with the no text in NWPA campaign.

Tonight a story about a woman who caused serious damage in Crawford County while texting behind the wheel.

Lori Sue Bell of Cochranton was found guilty of crashing her truck into an ambulance all because of a text message.
Bell was charged with the "texting while driving" charge along with careless driving and failing to stop for an emergency vehicle entering its garage.
Bell was ordered to pay three hundred dollars in fines and court costs.

Cochranton police say the texting while driving charge is hard to prove, but in this case the proof was in the phone records. No one was injured in the accident.

The ambulance is still out of service and has been since the crash back on October 17th.
The department only has two ambulances to begin with, so it has been difficult.
The ambulance is being repaired in Pittsburgh and not expected to be back in service for a couple of weeks.
For more information on the No Text NWPA campaign, go to yourerie.com and look under the community tab.

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