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Good Kid: Callie Johnson 9/16/13

Callie Johnson is an avid reader, often recognized as a "Gold Level" reader.
One local girl is tapping into reading and science - at the same time!
And as a result, she's excelling in her studies.
Traci Teudhope has her story.

At just 9-years-old Callie Johnson is an avid reader, often recognized as a "Gold Level" reader.

Jaimee Johnson, Callie's mom, said: "She's always reading. I catch her sitting around in the nooks and cranny's in the house with a book."

Callie is a member of the WQLN Q-kids Readers Club.
And she spends a lot of her free time catching up on her reading.
It's something she already truly loves.

Callie Johnson, 9-years world, said: "Sometimes I feel like I just want to jump in the book."

In her reading she's also learned to incorporate a love for other subjects, like science.
You see, Callie watches programs like Nova on WQLN and is then inspired to read books related to the Nova segment she just watched.

Jaimee, "She has to read 1,500 pages to get the Gold Level and watch an episode of Nova and read a book about the episode. And they strive for it."

It's a passion and a skill certain to take her far in life.

Jaimee, "Knowledge is power. If you want to learn something, you read a book. It will take her far I believe."

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