2009's top recycled cell phones

Motorola RAZR
Motorola RAZR

From Green Right Now Reports

For the second straight year, Motorola has four of the top 10 models. The popular RAZR model now occupies the two top spots on the list, according to electronics-sustainability firm ReCellular.

The second annual list illustrates how rapidly wireless technology becomes outdated, and how consumers upgrade to new devices to attain new technology rather than due to functional problems with their existing phone. ReCellular is on track to collect five million used cell phones for reuse or recycling in 2009. However, the company said overall phone recycling rates have not improved in the last year.

None of the top 10 phone models are younger than three years old, reflecting the slower turnover of phones due to the recession.

Top 10 by cell phone model and release date:

  1. Motorola RAZR V3, 2004
  2. Motorola RAZR V3M, 2006
  3. Nokia 6010, 2004
  4. LG VX5200, 2005
  5. Motorola C139, 2006
  6. Motorola E815, 2005
  7. LG VX3200, 2004
  8. LG VX8300, 2006
  9. Samsung A650, 2003
  10. LG VX6100, 2004

“The average American replaces their cell phone every 18 months,” Steve Manning, CEO of ReCellular, said in a statement. “Unfortunately, most people throw them in their desk drawer, or worse their trash, rather than recycling them. Recycling your phone helps the environment and people in need around the world, something we should all consider during this season of giving.”

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