A City Girl's Perspective of the CC Fair

- August 19, 2013 - The Crawford County Fair is a staple in Northwestern Pennsylvania, something everyone should experience: including me.

I call myself a city girl, having grown up in New Jersey, and only 45 minutes away from the Big Apple and I've never been to a county fair before, so today, I was pleasantly surprised.

Right from the gate, I ditched the high heels, and put on something a little more, appropriate, too bad I didn't have a pair of cowboy boots -- this time.

The first stop was food, enjoyed a gyro and sausage sandwich, but if you want something a little sweeter, the fair has you covered.

"All deep fried things, we have elephant ears, funnel cakes are the number one, we do the cookie dough, cookies, candy," said Sharon Owens of Fain’s Doughboys.

Next stop was the games and rides section. I took a few shots, but let’s agree that it’s probably best to leave the sports to the professionals.

Finally, I got to check out the animals, something I don't see too often back at home in New Jersey.

I met a girl who's showing cows at the fair, and has been doing it with her family since she was a little kid.

"Since i was little, about one, my parents were into the farming, and showing cows," said Elizabeth Acel.

So that pretty much sums up my fair experience. I ate (too much), played a few games, pet a pretty cow named Big Red, and met "Mr. Cluck," a tradition started a few years ago by a mom to help her autistic son become more outgoing.

"My son is autistic and so we found out that in the chicken suit, he is not shy and can approach people and doesn't have to talk,” said Melanie Rutter of the 4-H poultry group.

Overall, I think that was a pretty awesome first time fair experience for this city girl.

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