Affordable Care Act Deadline Looms

- The deadline for open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is inching near but it appears millions of Americans are still living uninsured.

Open enrollment ends on the 31st of this month but some people say they would rather have no health insurance at all.

The long awaited deadline is just days away but locally, health care officials say some people are opting out of the plan altogether.

Following March 31st, you will be ordered to pay health insurance or pay a fine...

The penalty is 95 dollars per person or one percent of your income whichever is greater.

Some residents say it's more cost effective to live without health insurance and pay a yearly fine rather than shell out a monthly fee.

According to Steve Danch, the chief financial officer of UPMC Hamot President Obama set a target of getting six million people insured through last month.....

Danch says only four point two million people have signed up for healthcare and there is now a rush to fill the quota.

UPMC Hamot officials stress that access to care is most important and they will never turn away patients...

But patient's will then have to pay out of pocket for care.

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