Amish Girls Found Alive


August 14th, 2014

Two Amish girls who were the subjects of an Amber alert have reportedly been found alive.
Here's the latest from our sister station WSYR in Syracuse, NY as of midnight:

Oswegatchie, NY (WSYR) - Two Amish girls who had been missing in the North Country since Wednesday evening have been found alive and safe  12 year old Fannie Miller and 6 year old Delila Miller are back with their family, St Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain said, telling ABC News the two "seem to be healthy" but were "cold and wet"  The DA says the girls were dropped off in the St Lawrence County town of Richville (NY) and walked to a home

An Amber alert was issued after six-year-old Delila Miller and her twelve-year-old sister Fannie were reportedly abducted.
The two had disappeared from the family's roadside stand in Oswegatchie, New York, about a hundred and fifty miles from the Canadian border.

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