Back to School Jitters

The first day of school is right around the corner....exciting for sure, but heading back to school may also be stressful.

Back to school jitters are fairly normal as a child starts to worry about their new classroom, new teacher and making new friends. Older kids even get anxious; they worry about new schedules, lockers and getting back into a routine.

Start talking about going back to school several days before school begins. Get an early start on resuming the school year routine, including regular mealtimes and bedtimes.

Along with a little anxiety may come a few stomach aches or headaches. These were not complaints that parents heard over the summer months. Little aches and pains go away with some parental reassurance, a good night’s rest and healthy breakfast.

Try to focus on all the positives a new school year. Let your child know that you understand that going back to school may be a bit stressful for a few days and that even parents some times get anxious.

Once you get to school make your goodbyes short and sweet and let your child know you will be there at the end of the school day.

Make sure to take that first day of school picture as will treasure those memories for years to come.

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