Brittany Diplacido Wins Chevy Spark

- July 2, 2014 - After 37 days of living in a little green car a local woman is driving it home. Happi 92.7's Live In It To Win It contest has officially come to an end. Brittany Diplacido was declared the winner of one of the two 2014 Chevy Sparks that she's been living in for the past 37 days.

She was told she won the car after the last competitor, Charlie Goggins called it quits. Brittany has been living in the car during the day, at night sleeping in a nearby hotel. The rules dictate the contestants had to be back in the car by 7 a.m. Brittany was there this morning, Charles was not.

Brittany says the hardest part about the contest was missing her loved ones. "Being away from family and friends, knowing that life is going on and your living in your car," Diplacido said.

Five contestants began the contest May 27, but in the end, Brittany was the last one standing, or sitting, and will drive away the car she sat in for more than a month.

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