City Council to Vote on Mayor's Sunset Provision Veto

- February 19, 2014 - Erie city council will vote tonight and decide whether or not they will override the Mayor's veto on the sewer and garbage fee sunset provision.

Mayor Joe Sinnott and some members on council say it provides false hope to city residents that fees could be rolled back.

Council unanimously approved the ordinance in December when they approved the Mayor’S $69 million spending plan.

Council adopted the sunset provision which means sewer and garbage fees wouldn't increase in 2015, unless extended by council.

Some council members say the provision would hold them and the administration accountable for finding ways to collect the more than two million dollars in delinquent garbage fees.

But councilman Bob Merski Jr. says it's not right to make city residents believe the fees could be rolled back when the cost of running the city continues to increase.

Meanwhile, councilman Dave Brennan says the sunset provision is in place to make sure everyone tries to solve the delinquent fee issue.

Mayor Sinnott says it isn't good budgeting practice.

Council is set to meet tonight at 7:30pm in Bagnoni Chambers at Erie City Hall.

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