Court of Judicial Discipline Decides Not to Suspend Judge Domitrovich

- September 29, 2014 - The Pa. Court of Judicial Discipline has determined not to suspend Erie Judge Stephanie Domitrovich as she faces ethics charges.

The Pa. Judicial Conduct Board filed ethics charges against Domitrovich back in July. The complaint states that Domitrovich was critical, impatient and disrespectful in the courtroom. She is charged with six counts of judicial misconduct.

Domitrovich's attorney says the charges are without Merritt.

A petition was filed by the Judicial Conduct Board asking the court to suspend Domitrovich with or without pay while the disciplinary proceedings are pending. That petition was denied by the court this morning after arguments from both sides were heard in front of the court in Harrisburg.

Domitrovich will remain on the bench; an ethics trial has not yet been scheduled.

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