Drug Bust in Ashtabula

- April 3, 2014-A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI and Ashtabula Police investigation into drug dealing on Lake Avenue produced enough information for a search warrant to be issued by Ashtabula Municipal Court Judge Albert Camplese. Law enforcement officers from the DEA, FBI and APD executed the search warrant at 3415 Lake Ave. about 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Antonio D. Carlton, 34, of Ashtabula, was arrested on an outstanding warrant and faces possible charges of distribution of drugs possession of drugs and paraphernalia associated with the use of crack cocaine. A large amount of money was also recovered.

Carlton has a history with the FBI, DEA and Ashtabula Police. Carlton was arrested by the FBI in March 2009 at 711 Bunker Hill Road, Apt. 13, for the distribution of cocaine. The DEA and APD assisted that arrest as well. Following his conviction, Carlton served about five years in a federal prison.

Ashtabula Police patrolman James Hildebrand and his K-9 partner Jax assisted in the search for evidence at 3415 Lake Ave.

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