Erie Brides on a Budget: Dresses & Bridal Shows

- February 13, 2014

This week we have been looking at the cost of booking weddings and we're helping Erie brides on a budget.

Bridal Elegance on Peach Street helps hundreds of brides in the months of January and February. Look at your overall wedding budget and decide what you can put into your dress. Don't be afraid to shop around at different bridal stores. Most offer a selection of discounted dresses starting at ninety-nine dollars. Bridal Elegance recommends putting a sparkly belt with one of those dresses to jazz it up in an affordable way. If you're going for a trend of the season, you may pay more, but there are ways around the hefty price tag. Right now, high necklines with intricate beading are hot, and lace dresses are also big right now. Some stores will order more affordable bridesmaid dresses in white and ivory that brides can purchase as a wedding dress to stay on trend at a cheaper price. If you're going to budget a bit more for your dress and have some wiggle room, you shouldn't have trouble staying under a thousand dollars or so.

January through March, bridal shows are extremely popular with brides-to-be, and many of those brides are on a budget. It's a way to shop around and find everything you need under one roof. From cakes and deejays to dresses and flowers, bridal expos are popular because they are a one-stop-shop. However, if you're not careful, you can drop a lot of cash in a little time. Different categories of vendors are all at a bridal show, so you can get prices from various companies and compare. It's a time to narrow down what you need versus what you want in order to save money. It's easy to see things and immediately want them because they are at your disposal, but keep your budget in mind, or use the bridal show to tally up the cost and decide where to cap your budget. One way to save might be to take your groom along to a bridal show. He's more likely to encourage you to stay within the budget by overseeing the spending. The groom-to-be may not love going to a bridal expo, but they'll appreciate when you think twice about the spending.

Bridal shows don't just save you time, they are also saving you money... if you know how to go about the process. If you're a bride-to-be, look at the bridal show as an option to shop around. Just because a vendor is there, doesn't mean you have to book with them, but use this as an opportunity to ask questions. Vendors at a bridal shows easily see 800 brides come through over the course of a weekend, so make appointments if their company peeks your interest. Bridal shows also have a lot of freebies you can enter to win, which can ultimately save you money. Having everything under one roof is a bonus, so if you're just starting out, this is the place to be to get ideas and talk to other brides as well. The vendors may have ways to help you save that you haven't thought of yet because they're used to working with brides on a budget. Brides-to-be are interested in spending a day with the girls to decide where to put their money when it comes to their weddings. There is another Erie Bridal Expo coming up on March second, and Traci and our Frugal Fashionista Valerie Weaver will be emceeing that event.

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