Erie Business is 'Cleaning For a Reason'

- Dust Bunnies of Erie is doing what it knows best while making a difference in the lives of cancer patients. They're giving women battling the disease the gift of a clean home.

Women undergoing cancer treatment no longer have to stress about a clean home. 'Cleaning For a Reason' is a non-profit organization that offers free professional house cleaning for women battling the disease.

Over 1,200 cleaning companies throughout the U.S. and Canada take part in the services, and one of those businesses is right here in Erie.

Fighting cancer is difficult enough and living with it is even harder. That's where the Dust Bunnies of Erie steps in focusing on the patients home, so they can focus on their health.

The organization says anyone can sweep and dust, so they focus on the areas a little harder for patients' to clean: kitchens and bathrooms.

Dust Bunnies of Erie has been giving back to cancer patients since 2009.

The company will clean the patients home once a month for up to four months.

Cancer patient applications are accepted online. You can find them at

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