Erie County and State Leaders Discuss Growing Heroin Problem

- March 18, 2014 - Officials from the state and county level met Tuesday morning at the Blasco Library for the county's first Drug Overdose Task Force meeting.

This meeting comes after a recent sharp rise in heroin-related deaths and overdoses.

PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs Secretary Gary Tennis was in attendance.

Tennis said he congratulates the county for putting this meeting together, stressing that raising awareness about the issue is vital in fighting back against it.

"The more attention we can put on this, maybe we can start to really put the resources needed to take care of this problem, both at the treatment end and at the prevention end," said Tennis.

This meeting of the leaders was to get a better gauge of the problem, as well as discuss aggressive ways to spread the message about how dangerous of a drug heroin is, as well as ways get rid of the stigma around addiction.

If you or someone you has an addiction problem, contact Erie County Office of Drug & Alcohol Abuse at 814-451-6877 or for detoxification call Gaudenzia Erie 814-459-4775 or Millcreek Community Hospital 814-864-4031.

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