Erie Rise CEO Breaks Silence Regarding School Board Decision

- April 11, 2014 - Just this week, the Erie school board unanimously voted to issue a notice of non-renewal to the Erie Rise Leadership Academy.

School CEO, Greg Myers, said he believes charter schools are being purposely targeted by the school board.

However, school board members have said the school was not following its charter, and that it was not achieving as well as it should be.

Of course, this all comes after an interim-audit was released on March 31, by the auditor general citing financial, academic, and other issues in the school.

Myers said the board's decision to issue this notice may seem negative on the surface but that it does have its positives.

He said the number of parents wanting to enroll their children in the school is rising and that this audit has actually brought the tight-knit school even closer.

Myers said the school has banded together, and that he is not worried about a possible closure.

Myers will take to the podium on May 7 for a public hearing.

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