Federici, Grossman Talk One-Term County Executives

- November 6, 2013 - After a thrilling Election Day, Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper is set to take over the job of Erie County executive come January.

Dahlkemper beat out democratic incumbent Barry Grossman in the May primary, a move that political expert Dr. Michael Federici calls "unusual."

However, he says the four incumbent county executives out after just one term over the past 12 years is not unusual, as he says these kinds of voting patterns happen all the time in politics, and that the constant change is healthy for the political system.

However, he does say there are benefits to keeping the same people in office for at least a second term.

Current county executive, Barry Grossman, says he wished he could've served a second term, but he says he thinks voters are generally displeased with elected officials, on a national and local level, and that they believe voting someone new into will be the best option.

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