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The GroVia Organic Cloth AIO Diaper

There are variety of cloth diapers and diaper covers to fit your needs from prefolds, to fitted diapers, to pocket diapers, and more. You will be making a difference with any type of cloth diapering, but choosing natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp and wool will be more Earth-friendly when it comes time to discard the diapers.

If you need the convenience of disposable diapers, there are options available that do not use chlorine bleach and use fewer or no chemicals. Nature Babycare, Seventh Generation, and gDiapers provide more environmentally-friendly disposable diapering options.

Gdiapers’ diapering system features a compostable and flushable diaper insert. The diaper consists of the little g pant (washable, cotton outer layer), a snap-in liner (to prevent leaks) and a flushable diaper refill. The wet refills can simply be tossed in a compost pile and will disappear in about 90 days, which is no time at all compared with a disposable diaper that can take up to 500 years to decompose.

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