9/11 Responder Weighs In On 9/11 Museum

- A local woman who responded to New York City following the 9/11 attacks is weighing in on the new 9/11 museum.

Laura Grappy, whose name is listed on the "Responders Scroll of Honor" at the new museum worked with the Red Cross and spent five weeks at ground zero following the tragedy. After spending time there, she developed cancer that she's battled for years,

Grappy says this museum's opening has left her swelling with emotion and brings back all of the memories of her helping others. It was help that she says has left a significant mark on her life; "At the end of my life, if i would just know that I did the best job that i could, then it was a life worth living”.

Grappy is also on the board for Erie's 9/11 Memorial, where a beam from one of the twin towers stands tall outside of the Blasco Library. She added that the city's memorial shows that Erie will never forget.

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