After Sunday Rescue Millcreek Tube Dangers Looked At

- Two young boys are lucky to be alive after a trip down the Mill Creek tube yesterday. The boys were playing in Mill Creek when rising waters swept them on a dangerous trip through the underground tube.

There are trails that take you to a shady spot along Mill Creek and according to neighbors, kids flock to this spot to play. The area can quickly become dangerous during bad weather.

On Sunday, three boys were playing near the tube when fast rising waters swept two of them inside. This isn't the first time someone has been swept into the tube and neighbors are worried that someone will get seriously injured. Stephanie Weaver, who works at nearby Alfee's Pizza said "I think something needs to be done to you know, educate these kids and, maybe stop it completely so that they can't get into those waves. Cause it is tempting and it seems like it would be fun, but someone's gonna really get hurt one of these days."

There are some signs posted along the trails leading down to the creek but several of the trails sit on private property and there's only so much the city can do to block the tube's entrance. Doug Mitchell, the Director of Public Works explained " You cannot put any type of barrier or obstruction in front of the entrance to the tube obviously because you can't catch debris and create a dam type of situation, so it has to be free flowing"

City officials will sit down to see if there's anything else they can do to prevent an incident like this from happening but for now, they advise kids to stay away and stay safe.

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