Bayfront Walkway Dedicated

- The public now has more than a thousand feet of walkway to enjoy along the Erie Bayfront.
The pathway links The Bayfront Convention Center with already existing walkways. With the cutting of the ribbon, 1,100 feet of additional walkway along the Erie Bayfront was opened to the public. The Convention Center owns the former GAF property and surrounding area where the walkway was built.

The walkway includes new landscaping and lighting. Fishing pods and benches were also added for visitors who stroll the bayfront. But not everyone is completely pleased with the project. Ed Kissell is the Vice President of the Sons of Lake Erie Fishing Club and he said he thinks the walkway is beautiful, but claims the final product is not the way it should be “The walkway states in the zoning that it should be be 12 feet of concrete of asphalt, not of stone. If you look art what we have here today, we have several feet of steel which is the retaining wall. We have 5 feet feet of stone which is in violation of city zoning. Then we have only 6 feet of public walkway and that should have been 12 feet of hard surface so people could get to the water's edge”. Kissell said he mentioned this to the Convention Board but said nothing was changed.

As far as continued development, Casey Wells, Exec Director of the Erie county Convention Center says this is only the beginning “The next step is getting the hotel built, the parking deck and retail space”.

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