Bishop Brock Continues Jobs Initiative Push

- Bishop Dwane Brock is fighting to end violence and bring opportunity to at risk youth but he says he needs more help.

Bishop Brock's summer youth jobs program is gaining steam. So far, Erie County Council has pledged 100 thousand dollars and the Gaming Revenue Authority has given 100 thousand dollars to it. However, Brock says a grand total of 350 thousand dollars is needed to employ 150 area teens. Brock said "There's a lot of work that needs to be done, so I don't think that the work is the actual problem, a lot of work.for kids to do. if we just had the funding for kids to do it."

And despite some prior issues, The Erie Community Foundation is lending support to launch a website where the youth can apply for jobs. It's unclear at this point in time what employers will be on board or what specific jobs will be available.

Brock says teens could do anything from mowing lawns, to helping the elderly to beautifying the city.

John Horan, the Executive Director of the City of Erie Housing Authority, says Brock's initiative could be successful if he narrows his focus. Horan operates a housing authority summer employment program and he says the youth truly benefit. "if you provide these children with help as moving through their education years they'll be successful."

Bishop Dwane Brock says they are currently talking with several area organizations who may offer jobs and a big announcement will be coming next week.

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