Book to be Released on 1983 Frank "Bolo" Dovishaw Murder

- March 26, 2014

A book decades in the making will soon be released on one of the most notorious murders in Erie history.

The 1983 slaying of Erie bookmaker Frank "Bolo" Dovishaw by Ohio hitman Robert Dorler Senior dominated Erie headlines.

Former Erie Morning News Reporter Jeff Pinski has teamed up to write the book with Judge Dominic DiPaolo, who was the lead homicide investigator. The book is titled “The Unholy Murder of Ash Wednesday.” Ash Wednesday was the nickname of Dovishaw, who had a birthmark on his forehead. Pinski says they've been working on the book for 20 years and it includes information you haven't heard until now.

The book is set to be released in June and will include about 400 names and other details of other related crimes. A book signing will be announced at a later date.

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