Candidate Wolf In Town

- The focus in the race for governor once again today is Erie.
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolfe is speaking at the Manufacturers & Business Association and there’s a protest going on outside while he’s inside speaking.

People for Life supporters are there with signs in hand, standing against Wolf's position on abortion. Wolf has said he is "proud" to stand with women who are fighting "backwards legislation" signed into law about women's health care decisions

Democratic candidate, Tom Wolf, is talking to local members of the business community during a legislative luncheon right here inside of the Manufacturers and Business Association. This is just days after Governor Corbett was in town, discussing pension reform and meeting with the community at the Republican headquarters.

Wolf is the former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and his campaign is said to be focused on strengthening the state's economy and building the middle class.

And if you've been watching any television lately, you'd know that the race between Corbett and Wolf is really heating up with some very strong attack ads.
Corbett is being attacked for education cuts, Wolf, for not disclosing information about business practices.

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