City Council Approves Amendment to Rental License Agreement

Published 04/02 2014 06:18PM

Updated 04/03 2014 04:15AM

April 2, 2014 - Erie City Council passes an amendment to the rental agreement program hoping to collect delinquent garbage fees.

City officials have been working for months trying to recover $2.5 million in delinquent garbage fees, many of which come from landlords.

City Council took a step forward passing the ordinance unanimously that allows city officials the chance to deny rental renewals or give licenses to those who are behind on bills.

Andy Zimmerman, City of Erie Code Enforcement, says the new ordinance might cause headaches for their office.

It will be more labor intensive and won't affect landlords in this renewal cycle unless they're up for inspection and are found to be behind on bills.

Council is also deciding whether or not they will combone water, sewer and refuse bills to ultimately be able to shut off water if a homeowner is behind on bills.

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