City Council Approves Grant Agreement; Moves Forward with Bill Consolidation


APRIL 16, 2014-- Improvements could be made to Erie’s Little Italy Neighborhood with the help of grant money. The Erie City Council approved a resolution that allows the Mayor to enter Erie's Little Italy Neighborhood into a grant agreement with the Commonwealth. The grant would bring more than $412,000 to the area for a streetscape project. The money would go towards lighting, sidewalks, curbs and other improvements to the neighborhood. Officials say they hope the project helps make the area safer and draws in new businesses after a number have left. The council also discussed the plan to move forward with the consolidation of sewer, water and refuse bills. This comes after the city's delinquent properties have not been paying the garbage fees. The new plan would give the city the legal right to turn off the water to delinquent properties. Officials say there are still some technicalities and other bugs that may need worked out before they move to the quarterly bills.


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