Community Reacts To City Gun Crime Effort

- The community is speaking out about the results of the Erie Police Department's commitment to fight gun crime and increase patrols in the city. Erie Police officers have recovered twice the amount of firearms during the first six months of 2014 compared to this time last year. That number Includes hand guns, rifles and shot guns. More than 50 alleged criminals have been arrested and charged with crimes involving firearms.

This progress is the result of a commitment to fight gun crime in the city and increased patrols that began in May. And for organizations that work in neighborhoods that are being patrolled, this progress is a step in the right direction. Justin Calabrese, of the Bethesda Trinity Center said "We're disturbed that the amount of weapons taken off the street has doubled, but we're very thrilled of the potential of this program taking place and the increased awareness and then the solution to this big problem."

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