Crime Victim Center Hosts Speaker Series


APRIL 9, 2014-- This is the second year that the Crime Victim Center of Erie County has hosted its speaker series that hopes to educate people in Erie County. This year's series featured Debbie Smith and her husband, who shared their heroic story. Debbie is as survivor-turned-advocate. In 1989, Debbie was kidnapped from her home, dragged into the woods and raped. The rapist threatened Debbie and she was living in fear until she says she decided to get her life back. Now, Debbie is using her experience to help others. She is apart of legislation, The Debbie Smith Act, that improves investigations and services for victims of crime. Debbie has shared her story on numerous national outlets and continues to provide hope for other victims through her organization. H-E-A-R-T, that supports and empowers victims of sexual assault. Debbie says having programs like the Crime Victim Center in Erie is so vital so people have somewhere to turn. 

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