Crowds Gather for World Cup

Excitement was high all over today as big crowds gathered to watch the red, white and blue take on Germany in the World Cup. While the United States didn't win their game, that doesn't mean their world cup journey is over.

"USA! USA! USA!" was the chant heard round Erie today as the United States took on Germany.

Today marked the third game the U.S. has played in this World Cup, with a win over Ghana and a tie with Portugal already under their belt.

This game determined if the United States would advance on in hopes of taking home the Cup, and despite losing to Germany, the U.S. will move on to the final round of 16 teams with a chance of taking home the whole thing.

"I think it's a pretty cool event, you know you got the whole world coming together to watch, you know, everybody, you know playing together, competing together, I think it's good camaraderie," said Michael Russin, a World Cup fan.

Soccer fans decked out in their team U.S.A. gear gathered all over to watch that camaraderie. Kids from Penn State Behrend's soccer camp paused practice to watch the game, and the U Pick 6 Public House was packed with a lunch crowd watching it all happen.

"We open at 11 and we had some people knocking on the door at 10:30 just to make sure they got in and got a seat," said John Melody, owner of U Pick 6 Public House.

Some fans even took part of the day off just to watch their team play in an event that the whole world is watching.

"It's just a fun sport. Everyone wants to see USA win so I think the morality boost is there everyone's just excited to be celebrating and have something to come hang out in the middle of a summer day for," said Hannah Williams, a World Cup fan.

The United States will play again next Tuesday, in hopes of taking home that World Cup when it's all over.

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