Death Ruled a Homicide

Erie Police are investigating a startling discovery, after a man's body is found on a sidewalk in a normally quiet area Wednesday morning.

It’s being ruled a homicide; a 39-year-old Erie man dead from blunt force trauma to the head, and yet another neighborhood shocked by violence.

"Criminals are gonna be criminals and unfortunately that's life. But hearing about something this violent on this side of town is just, it's a very big surprise,” said Susan Sciullo, who lives in the area where a body found lying on the sidewalk left a whole neighborhood surprised.

Police were called to the intersection of Delaware and Ottawa Avenues just before 6 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to police, the call came from a paper delivery woman.

After an autopsy Wednesday afternoon, Erie County Coroner, Lyell Cook, is ruling the death a homicide from blunt force trauma to the head.

Erie Police were on the scene for most of Wednesday but are still trying to determine when and where the incident actually happened.

According to neighbors, the man knew someone in the area.

Neighbors tell us residents in the area do take safety measures into their own hands. Some houses have outside security cameras. They hope that these measures will help deter any future crime.

"Extremely surprising. I actually just had my mom here yesterday and was telling her how there was no crime here,” said Ryan Eller, a neighbor.

"Ya know, you don't see something like that around here. Never seen anything like that around here ya know lived here all my life and I've just never seen it so I was really surprised ya know, maybe a hundred yards from my house,” said Dan Allen, another neighbor.

Erie Police marked at least five pieces of evidence at the scene.

The man’s name is not yet being released. The coroner’s office is waiting to touch base with the man’s family.

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