Erie Police Address Weekend Shootings

- At least four people were injured from gunfire over the weekend.

Now Erie Police are coming up with new ideas to combat the violence.

Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers says they've adjusted patrols in the past to respond to a string of shootings.

And they're taking action now to address the latest gunfire outbreak that happened over the weekend but wouldn't go into detail about their ideas but do assure the public they are working on new ways to stop the violence.

Mothers Against Teen Violence founder Sonya Arrington says enough is enough after Erie Police have yet another busy weekend "We’re all sitting behind closed doors allowing these young men to do this, we’re just as guilty as them"

The first shots fired call coming in at 1:00 PM Saturday afternoon.

One person was shot in the 700 block of Ash Street on Sunday at 7:50 PM, two people were shot at East Sixth and Ash Streets, one was shot in the back and the other in the abdomen.

And at 2:00 AM Sunday a 21 year old man was shot in the leg on West 8th Street.

Chief Bowers says the department takes every shooting seriously.

They are in talks with the Department of Justice to move grant money for Project Safe Neighborhood from June to May, that would allow the department to put more patrols on the street.

Police also continue to deal with uncooperative witnesses and that doesn't make it easy to solve these gun crimes which Chief Bowers says is a nationwide problem.

No arrests have been made in connection to any of the weekend shootings.

However Erie police recovered two weapons over the weekend during a drug arrest and a DUI arrest.
Both of those guns were stolen.

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