Erie Rise Academy Responds To Auditor Generals Audit

- The Auditor General slams the Erie Rise Leadership Academy for many, many issues.

Erie Rise Leadership in the hot seat following an interim-audit released Monday by the Pennsylvania Auditor General.

The Auditor General was very critical in this audit citing issues with performance, employees violating state regulations by collecting salaries while receiving retirement payments and not to mention issues with class sizes and more.

The Auditor General says these problems go against the school's promise to the community.

CEO of the academy, Greg Myers says a lot of these issues have been resolved already and that they're constantly working to improve the still fairly new school.

Myers says some of the findings have become legal issues, and therefore, cannot be commented on.

And even though, this finding seems to be rather negative, he says he's thankful to hear from the auditor general he wants the school to become the best it can be.

And Myers says moving forward, the school will send out a formal report in response to the interim audit..

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