Erie School District Passes Budget

- JUNE 25, 2014-- The Erie School Board voted on Wednesday to pass its proposed budget for the 2014-2015 school year. The district was facing a four million dollar deficit and brought that down to zero. With more than 70 teachers retiring, the district plans to absorb about 14 of those positions saving on salaries, benefits and retirement costs. One time money from an insurance fund also helped them close the gap. The board tabled the votes on whether or not to allow wage increases by one thousand dollars to four employees. Many board members said they don’t believe the school should be increasing salaries while in tough times. Dr Badams said he suggested the pay increase because he has chosen not to hire an assistant superintendent and those four positions will have an increased work load as a result. The board will revisit the issue during the next regular board meeting, the second week of August.

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