ESD Board Says No To Erie Rise Leadership Academy

- Following scrutiny from the Pennsylvania Auditor General, The Erie School Board votes to give a non-renewal notice to the Erie Rise Leadership Academy.

The Erie School Board voted unanimously to give the notice to the school after a recommendation from the Erie School Solicitor and an audit by the Auditor General.

Erie School District officials say the charter school reportedly broke several laws including the charter law, state laws, federal laws and the sunshine act.

Matthew Cummings from the Erie School District says the question now is do they deserve a charter?

The school costs the district millions of dollars each year.

Cummings added "They bill us three million dollars a year for students that attend there so the last three years its been a nine million dollar experiment and this renewal would represent a commitment of fifteen million dollars in local taxpayer money to this school".

The next step in the process is a public hearing on May seventh then the board has thirty days until they can take final action.

Erie Rise CEO Greg Myers did not return phone calls to comment on the latest decision by the school board.

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