Family Celebrates Naval Flight Officer Training

A local family celebrated one 2005 McDowell High School graduate on Sunday night. Chris Gibson just completed Navy Flight Officer Primary Training.

Joining the navy has always been a dream for Gibson

"I didn't even wanna go to college to be honest. I went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I picked up an M.B.A. in finance and now I'm here flying planes, so kinda weird, like kinda weird, but anything's possible,” says Ensign Gibson.

Gibson spent the last year in Pensacola, Florida learning the ins and outs of piloting naval planes.

He has more than 50 hours of air time.

Most of Gibson's family has served in the military, making this occasion special for everyone.

"We're so proud of Chris, he's just ya know, this was a dream for him and he worked hard. And as I said he's a third generation sailor, so we're proud of him,” says Doris Gibson, Chris's mom.

"He's our oldest so he's setting standards for his younger brothers and sisters to follow in a positive way, thank God, and through much prayer and his dedication and mostly all of his work, he's sustained and he's accomplished,” says Courtney Gibson, Chris's dad.

And as for Chris's little sister, Sascha, she says,"I do miss him sometimes, but I am very proud of him cause he's fighting for our country . . . He's been inspiring me to do what I want to do, he's been a big role model."

And when asked what it's like to serve his country, Gibson says he's just doing what comes natural.

"When you're in, you really don't think about it that way. I mean it's certainly amazing and a lot of people have answered that call, so as far as I'm concerned I'm just going what any young man should,” says Ensign Gibson.

Up next, Gibson will spend about six months in a Fleet Replacement Squadron in Jacksonville, Florida where he'll earn his gold wings and become a Naval Flight Officer.

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