FDA Looks Into Changing E-Cigarete Regulations

- Federal officials are looking into changing regulations on e-cigarettes in an effort to curb youth smoking.

The FDA is looking to combat the growing industry, an industry that officials say appeals to younger generations.

For some smokers looking to kick the habit, electronic cigarettes have become the next best thing.

They don't contain tobacco, but deliver nicotine to the user in the form of a vapor.

Today the FDA outlined a plan to regulate e-cigarettes.

The plan would limit sales to minors, ban free samples, force manufactures to share the ingredients inside of the e-cigarettes and put warning labels on products.

Scottie Freeman is the owner of Hippie and The Hound Vapor Lounge on Peach Street.

Freeman says the changes won't hurt his business.
And in fact he follows his own regulation at a shop he says caters to former cigarette smokers.

Doctor Stephen Kovacs at Saint Vincent Hospital says the FDA looking at the bigger picture could benefit the general public saying "My concern is a larger standing public health risk over the next decades of a surge of products and if we can understand them and minimize them as a tool for addiction in people it's going to provide a public health benefit."

These regulations could be finalized following a 75 day public comment period but local officials say this could change depending on road blocks and other restrictions from the FDA and other organizations.

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