Filippi Challenges Sinnott

- Former Mayor Rick Filippi challenges Mayor Joe Sinnott saying he doesn't want Sinnott to take credit for what Filippi says was accomplished under his administration.

In response to an article written in the Erie Times News detailing the city's financial past former mayor Rick Filippi wrote a letter to the editor claiming that what's been said by the Sinnott administration is a misrepresentation of the truth.

Mayor Sinnott reacted to those claims today.

After eight years in office for Mayor Joe Sinnott former Mayor Rick Filippi is speaking out about what he says his administration should be given credit for.

Filippi says he's reached a level of frustration after hearing Mayor Sinnott say he's worked hard to get the city out of it's financial issues.

That's why says he wrote the letter to the editor that slams the current administration for taking credit for the filippi administration's accomplishments.

He claims Mayor Sinnott is enjoying the fruits of his administration's efforts.

Mayor Sinnott saying today it's too late to rewrite history and that there was misinformation in Filippi's letter.

He says the city's finances are well documented and that when Filippi took over the city was stable with cash reserves adding that that wasn't the case when Filippi left office.

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